Cervical Spine Tumor

Cervical Spine tumor can be categorized in two categories; primary and metastatic tumors. Primary tumor can be cancerous or noncancerous, require surgery treatments but it is rare. Metastatic is a term used to described cancer that spread from other location. It is the most common spine tumor and usually is noncancerous. Patient diagnosed with metastatic tumors are treated routinely without surgery but once abnormalities is found surgical method may be needed. It is also depending on various factors like the age of the patient, type of cells the tumor contains and size of the tumor.

Whole-beam radiation, stereo-tactic radio surgery and chemotherapy are the popular non-surgical method. Patients medical histology are required before undergoing such treatment to identify if the cancer patient is radio sensitive or not. If the patient is radio sensitive, radiation therapy may be the only treatment option.

Surgical treatment aim to only achieve one goal, to remove the tumor without affecting / damaging other body parts. The side effect are patient may suffer anesthesia and have scar at the back after the surgery. Patients will also require for followup treatment according to the type of surgery they had.


Neck pain is the most common early complains among the later diagnosed patients. Unfortunately many regard it as a normal problem until it become noticeable or unbearable. This pain will then spread to the shoulder, arm or leg as the tumor grows involving the spinal cords or roots. Further growth will weaken the arms or legs and decrease the ability to walk normally.


Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

There are many kind of different herbs in the world. It has been a popular alternative medicine to those who does not like chemical based medicine. Herbal medicine has been around since ancient time especially Chinese to heal many kind of illness and diseases. With the modern technology in the world today, herbs has been identify as one of the effective treatment.

In order to use herbs effectively, an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine master is required. There is a very famous Chinese master operating an acupuncture and herbal treatment centre in KL, Malaysia. He is the fourth generation acupuncturist and Chinese physician who inherited 145 years of practitioner and research in Acupuncture and Herbal treatment.

Chinese master is not only well known locally for his practice, in fact most of his patients come from all around the world. HisĀ assessmentĀ on the patient ‘qi’, an important element in traditional Chinese medicine, is very accurate. By being able to identify the patients illness and diseases accurate, master able to prescript a combination of herbs that will treat the patients effectively. Due to the uniqueness of the herbs, even tumor may stand a chance to be dissolves using this treatment.

Besides, Chinese Master is also very well verse in acupuncture. He has been treating illness and relieving pain using the acupuncture treatment effectively. Unlike western chemical based medicine which require long period of taking pills, the disease could be treated with a few session of acupuncture. Many likes this method as it does not require pill taking and no side effect. Some of the pain and illness even gone away for life.

Acupuncture treatment are widely use in the world especially in oncology department. It is used for pain management and regeneration of the body immune system to fight against tumor.


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